Tableau Twins Take You Beyond Show Me

The "Tableau Twins" Take You Beyond Show Me

At the 2019 Tableau Conference, my twin brother, Ken Flerlage, and I gave a presentation called The Tableau Twins Take You Beyond Show Me. The goal of this presentation was to provide an overview of our “Three Pillars for Building Custom charts in Tableau”:

1) Plot X & Y Coordinates
2) Automate using Math (Trigonometry and Geometry)
3) Data Densification

We introduced these concepts then spent the remainder of the time showing the audience, in detail, how to leverage them in Tableau, building a handful of different charts along the way.  Below is a link to the full video.

But, since this is a huge topic, it was a lot to cover in just one hour. Thus, this blog is meant as a companion to the presentation. Below we’re linking to a variety of other blog posts which explain these concepts in more detail.

1) Beyond “Show Me” Part 1: It’s All About the X & Y – By plotting X & Y coordinates, we can draw virtually anything in Tableau.

2) Beyond "Show Me" Part 2: Trigonometry – Through use of trigonometry (i.e. “Right Triangle Math”), we can automate the calculation of X & Y coordinates.

3) Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Radial Bar Chart? – Now that you understand how to leverage trigonometry in Tableau, we can use it to build a radial bar chart. While this is not always a great choice for most data sets, it’s a perfect example for demonstrating how to put these techniques into practice.

4) An Introduction to Data Densification – In order to draw some more advanced charts, including anything with curves, you need to understand the concept of data densification.

5) Sankey and Radar Templates – After watching the presentation, you should understand the basics of how to build sankeys and radar charts (and similar charts), but there’s no need to build these from scratch every time. Instead, use the templates we’ve provided here.

If you were able to attend our presentation in person, thank you so much for coming—we certainly hope that you learned something new. If not, then we’d love for you to watch the presentation online. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

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